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With experience from large scale offshore and onshore wind farm projects across Europe and the Nordics, Nordic Renewables will be your partner from start to finish, through the project. Providing services and understanding of how to execute and run projects and deliver on a safely, timely and efficient manner.


Nordic Renewables is owned and run by Mathias Sax. With an Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and 8 years of experience from the wind industry, working onsite with projects ranging from 5 to 100+ WTG’s , the foundation is solid. With a broad understanding of what is expected both practically, theoretically, management of it, and how to deliver in a professional way.


Fields of knowledge for Nordic Renewables, but not limited to below. We see the need to have the birds eye view for running things safely and efficiently.

  • Site management
  • Commissioning management
  • Project management understanding
  • Customer interactions & representation
  • HSE site setup and HSE management
  • Remote monitoring
  • High voltage, fiber optics and cabling installations
  • Vessel onsite interactions offshore
  • Offshore & Onshore infrastructures and auxiliary equipment
  • Offshore Pre-assembly site experience
  • Arrival inspections of components
  • Offshore & onshore Commissioning
  • Offshore & Onshore Service experience
  • Project planning

We will also have a focus on asset management and offer follow-up from a 3rd party point of view, providing strong availability and having a high power output is key to site performance and customer satisfaction. Remote monitoring is a crucial part of this.

With solid understanding of the technical part in combination with the overall project aspect and impact we do not hesitate to represent and be a front figure and local representative for the finnish market.

We are ready to discuss solar power and possible needs to your project , don’t hesitate to reach out.

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